I am a generational painter born from a family of artists, artisans, creators and entrepreneurs. My Greek and Polish ancestry is expressive and passionate, infused with imagination and strength and creative courageous compassion. Painting is my offering. To You. To the World.

As a traveler and adventurer, Peru’s Sacred Valley and the Greek island of Kythera are amongst my indigenous homes. Chicago is my birthplace and Boulder, Colorado is my current home-base.

Water, mountains and the sun ground and connect me and feed my body and soul.


I believe in magic...

I believe that what unfolds on the canvas is divine in its creation and in its form. I breathe in, and each time I enter the space of creating art, trusting that I am opening myself to allow the flow of energy that wants to express itself through me.


I believe in infinite possibilities; in beauty...

I have faith in my connection to all that is and honor life itself. I feel responsible to show up in the world sharing my gifts. By allowing, with deep appreciation for all of life, I am aware that I am guided to create and share art.

I love the process of blessing and touching blank space with the belief that the revealing and unfolding will transform into some formation of color and alignment that will enliven the soul. Embodied joy lives here.


My practice is surrendering to knowing nothing...

Really. And to allow that innate light and innocence to translate into a painting. Feeling the importance of appreciation and gratitude transforms mere existence.

ALL of the teachers in my life and my ancestors have guided me to this moment.

And for this, I am infinitely grateful.

Painting, I first imagine and vision, with color palettes, which then arrange, often in layers, as marks and forms. My love for and connection with the natural world is expressed through strokes of pigments, many plant and mineral based, and often applied with branches and leaves, feathers and shells.

I believe we are nature, each and every one of us. With direct contact to the surface, palpably merging with the painting in a dance of alignment, light and color, I paint. When a painting is complete, the piece is freed to find it's place and home in the world.



'There is an awareness that art transmutes, transforms and transfigures. Perhaps its effects reach deep within where there is reclamation;  activation of inner spaces.'