There is Magic in Grace-Filled Strength  12" X 16" Ink, pencil, and wash on unstretched canvas.  Original Sold.
 Sofia, Sofia  12" X 24" Oil, Ink, Acrylic on Canvas.  Original Sold   .      Prints Available     .
 Empowered Insight   10" X 15" Ink and watercolor on paper.  Original Sold.    
There is Magic in Owl Medicine
Spirit Hummingbird
Juliet’s Giraffe
Here, In the Forest of Love
I Have A Hunch
 Jellies and Friends  30" X 30" Oil, Ink and Acrylic Wash on Canvas.      Original Available.
 Peacock Dreaming   Original Sold
Courage To Be Me
Jaguar Dreaming
Courageous One
Jaguar Medicine
 Jaguar and Hummingbird  9” x 12” Ink, Watercolor, Pen on Paper    Original Sold      Signed Limited Edition Prints Available
Coming Alive
Heron, My Spirit
In Two Worlds
Owl Totem
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